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Health Goals, Well-being & Professional Development
with our years of experience in healthcare

For Healthcare Professionals

Whether you are looking for higher education or for work opportunities in the UK. We have a wide range of services to provide you with just the right support, tailored to your needs.

For Clients

We have a team of professionals who work together to provide you personalised holistic care of the highest standards. So whether you are looking for specific physiotherapy consultation or a lifestyle coach. Explore our ranges of services to see what best meets your needs.

About us

Physiq is a health care platform, founded by two UK certified physiotherapists, currently working in the NHS. It speaks to people seeking reliable health advice and to professionals seeking guidance for professional development and pathways of securing opportunities abroad. Physiq stands apart from its competitors as it is founded by people who have personally been through the journey of studying and practising in the UK and hold high positions in their work places today.


    “I am living proof that your exercises WORK, Quratulain. And I for one will be eternally grateful to you for all your help, expertise and guidance. Love you loads."

    Tina, Uk

      "I had an online consultation with Quratulain. She is a very friendly, polite knowledgeable and experienced physiotherapist"

      Alicia, UK

        "I was trying to convince my mother to buy new shoes but she wasn't agreeing to it. But then I showed her your video on footwear and only that convinced her. I wanted to say Thank you!"

        Anees, Pakistan

          “After I was invited for an FCP interview I approached Mr Ubaid. He shared key potential interview questions and their relevant and comprehensive answers that finally help me grab this wonderful opportunity. I want to thank you for this in-depth analysis of NHS interviews. More power to you”

          Aqdus, UK

            “I am very happy with the service, the exercises are effective. There's definite improvement in my hip tendinopathy. Its good.”

            Janice, Denmark